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Success for Low-Income College-Bound Students


Our goal is to provide students with the information and feedback they need to apply to top universities, and to make them competitive applicants and successful students at those universities.


Near-peer mentoring is a proven way to encourage college matriculation and success among low-income and minority students.

Academic Enrichment

Students are often unprepared for the rigor of competitive schools. We provide access to enrichment opportunities, both in the summer and throughout the school year.

Our Mission

Bridge the Gap provides high-achieving students from underrepresented backgrounds the resources and interventions needed to broaden their college prospects.

“College mentoring programs do exist in areas where these low income students live, but the typical program focuses on motivating students merely to attend college- not on the decisions faced by high achieving students with many college opportunities. The typical program does not provide much advice on negotiating the multilayered application process that very selective colleges use.”

Caroline Hoxby


The Problem:

High-achieving students from lower-income often undermatch: they fail to attend competitive universities. This happens for a number of reasons: lack of information about elite universities; lack of information about financial aid; belief that their dream schools are “out of their league”; and lack of peer models and mentors.

The Solution:

Bridge the Gap’s mission is to help high-achieving, low-income and minority high school students discover, matriculate at, and succeed in top universities. Bridge the Gap provides students with tailored advising, academic enrichment, and near-peer mentoring to help them during each step of their preparation for college.




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